Stephen Foehr’s novels and nonfiction probes mystery, travel, and music. The novels include the London heist of tea worth millions; ways to resist an authoritarian government without being beaten, jailed, or killed; how to solve a murder using Einstein’s theory of quantum entanglement theory, with the aid of a female heavy metal guitarist and a burglar of peoples’ presumptions, expectations, and assumed truths.

The nonfiction books explore how music influences the culture and history of Jamaica, Cuba, and Nashville. He also wrote the autobiography of blues legend Taj Mahal.

Publishing Credits:


  • Stealing Fortune’s Brick, The Audacious Tea Heist,  Fohr+Son, 2020
  • Water War, Snake Valley Okies vs Las Vegas, Jiri Vanek Publishing, Brno, CZ-EU, 2014
  • Killer Love, Jiri Vanek Publishing, Brno CZ-EU  2012
  • Storyville, Jiri Vanek Publishing, Prague, 2009 (English version on iBook)
  • Waking Up in Nashville, Sanctuary Publishing, London, 2003
  • Dancing with Fidel, Sanctuary Publishing, London, 2002, Jiri Vanek Publishing, Prague
  • Waking Up in Jamaica, Sanctuary Publishing, London, 2001; Jiri Vanek Publishing, Prague; re-published in Italian.
  • Taj Mahal, Autobiobgraphy of a Bluesman, Sanctuary Publishing, London, 2000; Jiri Vanek Publishing, Prague
  • On Heart’s Edge, Mikeren Press, Arvada, CO 1996
  • Eco-Journeys: The World Guide to Ecologically Aware Travel and Adventures, Noble Press, Chicago, 1992


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