Warrior Love: Silas Loves Lili Weirdly Lili Loves Silas

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This book is a love story about the ordinary corruptions of the human spirit we all experience and practice; lying, deception, false love, manipulation for self-interest, arrogant assumptions, greed, and even murder, in one form or another. It’s a love story.

Silas believes all institutions mutate human nature. The best hope to save humanity is to undermine all institutions and start over. He considers himself a political operative.

Lili, leader of an all-female heavy metal band and a self-appointed sheriff, believes human naturecan self-correct, despite the injustices and economic exploitation built in the systems. Her life mission is neuter operatives like Silas.

Silas and Lili are attracted to the other’s fierce warrior spirit of pure uncompromising love. They scheme to convert the other to their righteous cause, however nefarious the means.

Roby, a homicide detective, works with Silas and Lili to solve a murder case, which is the very definition of corruption.