Waking Up in Jamaica

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For generations Jamaica has been seen as the home of reggae music, spawning international icons from Bob Marley to the modern day voice-of-the-people, Burning Spear - artists whose defiant, soulful music has a direct link to the struggles of their ancestors. Steeped in Jamaica's slave history, the island's society and its culture, reggae is part of a centuries-long tradition from the isolated Blue Mountains to the hedonistic beaches of Negril.

Walking Up In Jamaica is Stephen Foehr's journey to the heart of the island, taking in the people, their roots and their land and exploring the links that they have forged with it.

In his evocative travelogue he samples the seductive delights of this Caribbean paradise, immersing himself in the culture of reggae and its musicians and commenting on the role that this unique musical sound has in the modern world.