Taj Mahal - Autobiography of a Bluesman

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There are people who play music, and then there are artists who use music as their medium. Blues legend Taj Mahal is such a musician.

In the course of his unique 30-year career, Taj has embraced the blues, folk, reggae, R&B, gospel, rock'n'roll, zydeco, Caribbean, African and Hawaiian music, and has worked with and influenced some of the greatest musicians of our time. Mick Jagger, John Lee Hooker, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt and Keb' Mo' are just a few of the stars who tell their own stories of Taj. Others recount tales of touring in an African war zone; of putting together revolutionary bands; and of playing "inside a song" with Taj

Taj's lifelong quest has been to get closer to his roots music. Realizing as a child that the songs he was hearing bore fragments of ancestral songs, he strove to popularize this authentic music, ofter in the face of crippling opposition from a blinkered music industry.

Off-stage, the double Grammy award-winner steps out of the shadows and incites the reader into his private life. He tells of personal tragedies perviously not revealed. His immediate family talk of their brother, their husband and their father with frank sincerity. The result is this astonishing but, about al, honest account of the life of a bluesman